There will be less games in monthly release lists since November


Due to the increasing number of new Linux games I'm going to raise the entry-bar into the database. Start-ups releasing their first game [on Steam] will have to:
  • release simultaneously on multiple competing Linux stores (Steam,, itch...)
  • get at least 50 reviews on Steam until the end of month
  • or make a game worth the attention
Dev studios without a web-site AND office address (at least country of origin) won't be covered, no matter how great is their game.
Companies and developers that already have an entry in the db will be mostly unaffected by this curb, however negatively rated games and un-rated games will be evaluated individually.
Clamping down the monthly release list from 50 to 20 games (yes, there are over 30 new studios every month) will hopefully save some of my spare time. Once again there have been some seven games released during October that deserve detailed coverage (no million seller, unfortunately) and on top of that I'd like to introduce some long-planed changes to the list.