Názov Catie in Meowmeowland
Štúdio ARTillery
Vydavateľ Blowfish Studios
Platformy Windows
Dátum vydania Q3 2021

Catie follows a strange White Cat in her garden, when she is suddenly pulled down the rabbit hole. After a long fall, Catie finds herself in a bizarre cat’s world, where she has to undergo a long journey to find her way back home.
Help little Catie get back home from ludicrous world of MeowmeowLand by solving the most bizarre puzzles you can imagine.
• A narrative-driven, point-and-click adventure, full of funny characters set in the world of Cats down the rabbit hole
• Play through 24+ visually stunning screens with unique puzzles and even more unique characters
• Live the comical animations supplemented by laughable audio while exploring the absurd world of MeowmeowLand
• Enjoy the entertaining interactive animation movie Catie in MeowmeowLand
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