Name Minimis
Platforms Windows, Linux
Release Date December 2015
Last Update July 2016

Help four little boys find their way home. Collect hidden keys to open the apartments; move fast to avoid traps but time your steps carefully, or Minimis will fall back to the start!

Minimis is a small experimental tribute to 8bit platformers like Manic Miner or Jumping Jack. Minimi puzzles require more of "try and error" approach than thorough thinking. The game will challenge you in precission jumping and timing, often while controlling several characters simultaneously.
Minimis has nineteen increasingly challenging levels.\nIts difficulty is tweaked for 9 - 14 years old kids.
Minimis is freeware. It is free of charge, IAP or any other additional costs.


Windows 7 v.1.2 download sha1 checksum c849983d6a98b5bccb000a245c9cbc28986740d4
Linux x64 v.1.2 download sha1 checksum daa913b8c66f2fd429f6879ec2d36e335d80a77c
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