LIST OF LINUX GAMES: September 2020

  • early access / alpha funding
  • hidden object games, visual novels, dating sims, walking sims, gambling or overly intrusive "F2P"
  • edu and games targeting exclusively the youngest kids
  • games with negative rating on Steam and less than 100 reviews
  • reasoning: the excluded games can fill several lists of their own categories
Editor's highlight (red color):
  • games with "positive" rating on Steam and over 100 reviews
  • score at least 4.5 on and over 100 votes
Editor's top recomendation (blue color):
  • popular games with over 1000 reviews or votes
  • recognized by Metacritic, Gamefaqs and Wikipedia at the time of writing
Bestselling game (bold green):
  • games with over 10000 reviews or votes on Steam

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