Voodoo Kung-fu: Theocracy


Partially I consider myself lucky that I grew up in socialist Czechoslovakia, before collapse of communist East Block. Back than kids of my age (attending elementary schools) had it different to their older siblings. We've been fairly protected from scares of communism: everybody -- be it nomenclature, army, labor, tsiganis or dissidents -- shared the same (free) school system, the same classes and the same teachers. There were no political or monetary castes, all kids have been treated equally.
But even at such young age we weren't spared of religious propaganda. Communism is on surface strictly atheist social system, but in reality it acted like pure theocracy of the worst kind. Elementary schools might have seemed like a neutral ground, sure. Still we've been made to (literally) worship the ideology. V.I.Lenin became our Jesus. Battleship Aurora was his cross. His memoirs were our Bible... And Internacionala was our weekly morning prayer.
One too many people suffered, because they couldn't grasp the new (artificial and fake) religion, and one too many people suffered, because they started believing in this non-sense fanatically.